Chitoon is Alexander Bolovintsev from Moscow, Russia. He has been composing music since 1997. From the very beginning it was more like a hobby based on studying different music programs, DJing at students' parties and listening to various groups and artists especially electronic. Very fast the hobby grew into passion or something that cannot be separated from Alexander's life.


Moscow body artist, philosopher, photographer and videographer Tanya Erokhova works in Techno, Tech-minimal and Experimental music genres. Dark and beautiful, hypnotic and magnetic - that’s what Schlcht music is all about.


Freakinweirdo is a Moscow based artist and producer, a man who has music deeply rooted within his soul. He works in electronic and house music genres but this is just a simple framework to reveal the artist’s boundless abilities and vivid personality.

Bronco Bit

Behind the name Bronco Bit stands Russian trap and hip-hop producer, promoter, record collector, DJ and beat-maker Oleg Bronco. Since high school Oleg has been into rap music and hip hop culture. Started from listening to world famous artists and producers he quickly proceeded to DJ-ing and his own music-making.


Volko is a recent solo project of Moscow DJ and producer Max Volkov, a man who has no genre boundaries and fears to perform something beyond “classic” music standards. He was a well-known House DJ and performed in numerous Moscow clubs and venues when one day psychedelic tunes and melodies reached his creative mind.